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Hansen Industries understands that ingenuity and industry leading standards are important which is why we have an in-house professional drafter. With a professional drafter, ideas can be easily shared and understood by customers and business owners alike. With our design software, SolidWorks, we can generate realistic models of various products we sell such as: fans, soakers, pumps, manure separators, etc. We then apply them into both new and existing barns. With this technology, customers can see how their finished barns and systems will look before they are ever built! That is why a drafter gives this company a big advantage over satisfying the needs of dairymen everywhere.

Adding to this, utilizing SolidWorks scale, geometric, and mathematical calculations, barn trusses and hanging mounts can be placed in order, along with the ability to collect measurements needed to build these structures. Accurate design models can give the drafter correct distances, volumes, heights, etc. while putting drawings together at high speed! With the simulation software included with this program, structures can also be placed under a load test to determine whether they will stand for a long time. These realistic measures give an excellent means for engineers and drafters alike to design, build, and test materials and structures to ensure safety and reliability.