Hansen Blue Lime is a non-burning, five blend lime, that is specifically formulated for dairy use.

Through extensive research, we have carefully taken into consideration the pros and cons of lime use on a dairy. As a result, we have developed an ideal blended lime that eliminates the negative aspects, (such as chapped or bleeding teats or noses) and enhanced the positive traits (which include, efficient bacteria reduction, extra moisture absorption, longer residual PH, and odor control). One of the key beneficial ingredients in our lime is synthetic gypsum, which gives our lime a slight hint of a blue grey tint. Hansen blue lime is the most efficient and safe dairy lime on the market. Weather you are painting calf hutches, applying to bedding, or spreading on open lots, this lime will prove to be the best choice for your dairy. Hansen Industries also sells full truck loads for your convenience.


Hansen Blue Lime


Blue Lime Spreader


Blue Lime Rig

50lb bag - Lime

Super Sack - Lime