Our Services


Hansen Industries is not only a licensed contractor interested in full scale construction, we also provide service & maintenance to each of our customers for our products as well as products and systems already existing on their farms. We employ an array of techs that are licensed and proficient in Electrical, HVAC, Plumbing, Welding and general construction & Maintenance enabling us to handle any need that arises. We offer an on-call service, as well as complete custom service and maintenance contracts, even including 24-hour monitoring alerts; all in efforts to keep our dairy partners running efficiently & effectively. The goal of our service and Maintenance is to offer our dairy families a more proactive approach to their systems maintenance. At Hansen Industries our office team works hand in hand with our field team to ensure we provide top quality service and products with fair and affordable prices for our customers. We work hard to keep our customers happy and their systems running smoothly so they can attend to the health and wellbeing of their her